Email Services (Broadcasting)

We have email services that allow you to manage and excute your email campaigns. We do not provide or sell contacts database to anyone. Your contacts and customer database will remain protected in our highly secured platform.

 There is no setup  or subscription fees. We charge by per email sent, just like sms. Email credits has no expiry date.

Key Features

  • Import and manage your own customers contacts.
  • Design beautiful email content with ease
  • Customizable free premium email templates
  • Automatic unsubscribe services
  • Abuse & Spam Prevention System to ensure Best Deliverability Possible
  • Create unlimited campaigns, schedule of campaigns
  • Dashboard and Report for tracking responses, invalid/bounce emails, etc
  • Many others

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Buy or Top up Email Credits Now! (Prepaid)

These are our Bulk Email Tier Pricing:

  • ≥ 1,000 to < 4,999 email credits, cost is SGD $0.035 per email
  • ≥ 5,000 to < 9,999 email credits, cost is SGD $0.025 per email
  • 10,000 to < 49,999 email credits, cost is SGD $0.02 per email
  • 50,000 to < 100,001 email credits, cost is SGD $0.012 per email
  • > 100,000, please contact us for lowest price!


Select Bulk Email package

There is no expiry date with email credits purchased. Above package is 1 credit to 1 Email.  There is no limit to the number of contacts per email blast.


Buy or Top up Email Credits! (Prepaid Manual Invoice)

Kindly send us an email if you need us to send you the soft copy of invoice for payment advise. You can pay via bank transfer, cheque or Paypal.



Using SMS is the simplest and most efficient way of targeting audience. Create awareness to the public or customers to drive sales. There are about 5 billions of mobile users worldwide and 95% read their SMS within 15 minutes.  Look at this as an extremely fantastic marketing tool!

Key benefits:

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