SMS Cloud Services

Cloud service relates us to SaaS (Software as a Service). We heard about this everywhere and ever since it is introduced in 2007, it has been well accepted. What about SMS Cloud Service? How can we do we go about adopting this service in the mobile network?

Our customers are given the web urls to login to SMS SaaS. We will provide them the user ID and  password. They can change the password themselves with our web applications.

Advantages of using SMS Cloud Service:
  • Having HLR Lookup Service
  • Full delivery reports obtainable by users at our portal.
  • No Hardware.
  • Business users control.
  • Reliable web applications that are used globally for more than 12 years.
  • Comprehensive and sophisticated web applications with Analytics and Dashboard features.
  • No registration or sign up fee.
  • Secured platform. Main datacentre in Frankfurt-Germany is ISO certified.
  • Acccessible anytime and anywhere in the internet.
  • Lower cost for international SMS charges.
  • No expiry date for SMS credits purchased.
  • Masking of sender name for corporate/product branding.
  • and so many more....

Advantages of Having a Centralized System

  • System able to scan messages for keywords for potential misleading, cheating, fraud, etc cases by  automatically removing such SMS messages prior sending to the subscribers.
  • No worries about software or hardware upgrading cost
  • Better software quality
  • Incoming SMS of roaming service is free
  • Software installation not required
  • Business users control
  • Schedule your SMS blastings
  • Online delivery reports
  • and so many more...


  • We provide free, reliable and sophisticated SMS web applications to send Bulk SMS globally which many of your local telcos cannot provide.
  • We have strong and dedicated technical support team to assist you in SMS connected service.
  • No sign up fee or monthly fee for SMS API usage.
  • *Free for all incoming SMSes for those subscribed to 2-way SMS service.
  • You can use our applications anytime and anywhere with your laptop, netbook, etc to send SMS from anywhere to anywhere. Imagine you have an urgent announcement to be made publicly to your customers, this is the solution!
  • Our SMS delivery speed is fast, SMS to 100K target audience can be delivered within 2 hours. Using a local GSM gateway, you can't achieve fast delivery and you will need at least 8 SIM cards (8 ports) to send out concurrently which will take at least 2 and half day just to send an important announcement to 100K contacts. With our SMS connected service, it's fast and convenient!
  • Just schedule the Bulk SMS and be done with! There is no need to run any machine or PC which is taking up your power consumption!
  • We DO NOT provide, trade or sell mobile listing or contacts information to anyone.
  • and so many more... sign up or contact us now!

*Depending on Country. Most local telcos/operators implement free incoming SMSes.


Global Messaging Platform Diagram


Finally, Our Services and Technologies are Best Described As:

  • Simplicity
  • Reliabillity
  • Flexibility
  • Security
  • and so many more...



Using SMS is the simplest and most efficient way of targeting audience. Create awareness to the public or customers to drive sales. There are about 5 billions of mobile users worldwide and 95% read their SMS within 15 minutes.  Look at this as an extremely fantastic marketing tool!

Key benefits:

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